“Suddenly A Senior” Workshop

A go-at-your-own-pace online video series to help you discover innovative ways to Reshape Your Thoughts about Ageing… for the Better!

Inside every old person is a young person wondering...

“What happened?”


If you’re like most Baby Boomers, the young person within you must be wondering what the heck happened to the person in the mirror.


Time, my friend,
Time is what happened.


And, if you take a look at the things around you; your computer, your car, your house and everything in it, you’ll notice the one thing common to them
all is they’re getting older… And, as much as we hate to admit it, so are you and me!

Time is the Culprit!

Father Time works silently in the background day-in, day-out...

You're not even aware that your days of youthful independence has gradually slipped away.

And, the truth is, it happens to everybody.

Time is all it takes.

So, don’t panic…

Because you’re not alone!


That’s why the Suddenly A Senior Workshop was created to help you…


Examine your journey ahead with clearer thinking.


Update and Refresh your
age-old ideas about

growing older.


Learn how to make the last quarter of your life Vital, Vibrant, and Meaningful.

That’s what Authentic Ageing’s Suddenly A Senior Workshop is really all about – being honest about the journey ahead of you.

The workshop is designed to guide you to think about growing old in a commanding and empowering way.

The workshop will leave you with a sense of inner peace, eager to experience the rest of your life, and Living All of Life Fearlessly.

Just Imagine…

You could age peacefully, free from regrets, with no fear, and still be eager to feel… to be truly fulfilled… and to celebrate your senior years for the joy that they are.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Of course, it certainly will.

Here’s what you'll get:
Lifetime access when you sign up for the workshop

FULL Curriculum of the Workshop:

Part 1 – Groundwork  Lessons 1 to 5
    Lesson 1 - Welcome and Introduction
        We start with sharing what to expect in the workshop, and get on the same page about ageing.
        There is much that seniors have in common. 
    Lesson 2 - The Nature of Our Two Worlds
        Explore the key differences between your inner world and your outer world,
        and how best to use those distinctions as you age.    
    Lesson 3 - Point of View Is Everything
        Open a path to alter your thinking about getting older! And, howl to get there by minding your          
    Lesson 4 - Outer Changes and the Inner You
        Consider the natural life process of change and rely on the source of your inner strength
    Lesson 5 Inner Peace, Iceing on the Cake
        Learn what seniors don’t know they need the most? What is inner peace, why is it important, 
                   and how  you attain it?
Part 2 – Practical Lessons 6 to 12
    Lesson 6 - Freedom from Regret
       Left over feelings from past experiences color your view of today. You will learn how to leave         
          those certain feelings in the past, where they belong. 
    Lesson 7 - Freedom from Regret - Application and Exercise
    Lesson 8 - Hoorah for You!
        No longer will you take for granted all those great things you’ve accomplished, small or big.
        It's time to acknowledge yourself. It's long overdue!     
    Lesson 9 - Hoorah for You - Application and Exercise
    Lesson 10 - Your Future, Full Speed Ahead!
        Just because you’re older now doesn't mean you have to give up your dreams and desires. We 
               light a fire!
    Lesson 11 - Your Future, Full Speed Ahead! - Application and Exercise
    Lesson 12 – And, in the Beginning
        Today really is The First Day of the Rest of Your Life and learning never ends! 


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